7th Street Elementary Principal's Report

7th Street Elementary Principal's Report
Posted on 02/05/2024



7th Street Families:

January flew by and it’s undeniable that this winter feels different from last winter.  The moisture is still coming but it is much warmer and the mud is the culprit more so than the snow.  I think I would rather have the snow as the mud is so messy.  Thank you to our custodial staff for their patience with the mud so our kiddos can go outside and play.  Also thanks to parents for your patience with some occasional muddy clothes.  The kids need the fresh air and I know the mud is not ideal, but kids being outside is ideal and important.  We will get through it and, trust me, our new playground will address some of these issues better next year.  As for academics, we have made it through our mid-year testing and conferences.  So far our data is looking good and students are growing.

Teachers spent some time last Friday analyzing DIBELS data.  The data is showing significant growth in our student’s ability to decode and read accurately and fluently.  We have plans for our students who are struggling, to meet with Suzane Davis’s MTSS staff for additional support.  Suzane and her team are experts at helping kiddos who need just a little more help to become better readers.  If we find that kiddos aren’t growing in Suzane’s program, we go through the appropriate steps to get them even more help so all students can be successful. Additionally, this week we are going to do a deep dive into our MAPS data to support students in all areas including math, science, and language usage. 

Finally, an exciting program we are making more robust is our student recognition system (student of the day, week, and month).  We are teaching our students about being BULLPUP STRONG.  Each letter in strong is a value we are teaching our students.  S - stands for safe, T - stands for teamwork, R - stands for respect, O - stands for ownership, N - stands for iNtegrity, and G - stands for grit.  If we see students using these values, we are rewarding them with “bullpup bucks” just like we used to with “bullpup powers”.  The difference between the two systems is that “bullpup bucks” have value at our bullpup store for students to purchase items they have told us that they would like to be able to earn.  So far the kids have been loving it!  That’s the overall goal and it’s very exciting to see how happy students are about the upgrades in the program!!


That’s all I have for now - until next time. . .  .


2/7 - AR 25% goal in points, passing quiz scores, and appropriate level of books

2/14 - Valentine’s Day Parties at 2:30

2/19 - President’s Day - No School

Dr Suess Week - March 4-7 - Stay Tuned for More Info

3/7 - 50% AR Goal

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