New Books Dolores County Children's/7th Street Elementary Library

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11/13/17 High-tech Ninja heroes Michael Pentranek 
11/13/17 Just Pick us, Please! Mercer Mayer 
11/13/17 Llama Llama and Friend Anna Dewdney 
11/13/17 The Cookie Fiasco Mo Willems 
11/13/17 Everything is Mama Jimmy Fallon 
11/13/17 Strictly no elephants Lisa Mantchev 
11/13/17 Animals do, too! Etta Kaner 
11/13/17 Ninja Claus! Arree Chung 
11/13/17 Robo-Sauce Adam Rubin 
11/13/17 Bizzy Mizz Lizzie David Shannon 
11/13/17 Bonaparte Falls Apart Margery Cuyler 
11/13/17 The Lego Ninjago Movie Kate Howard 
11/13/17 Captain Pug Laura James 
11/13/17 Trolls Holiday David Lewman 
11/13/17 Isadora Moon goes Camping Harriet Muncaster 
11/13/17 Abby in Wonderland Sarah Mlynowski 
11/13/17 Have Sword Will, Travel Nix Garth 
11/13/17 Polaris Michael Northrop 
11/13/17 The Wildwood Bakery Rebecca Elliott 
11/13/17 Coco Angela Cervantes 
11/13/17 The Magic Storm Dana Simpson 
11/13/17 Runny Babbit Returns Shel Silverstein 
11/13/17 Absolutely Everything Simon Hugo 
11/13/17 A Visit to the Vet Aubre Andrus 
11/13/17 Why, Fly Guy? Tedd Arnold 
11/13/17 Trickiest! Steve Jenkins 
11/13/17 Crafty Gifts Jane Bull 
11/13/17 The Witch Boy Molly Ostertag 
11/13/17 Unicorn Crossing 5 Dana Simpson 
11/13/17 She Persisted Chelsea Clinton 
11/13/17 Sergeant Reckless Patricia McCormick 
10/2/17 Poppy Follows Her Nose  
10/2/17 The 12 Days of Christmas Greg Pizzoli 
10/2/17 Big Sister, Little Moon Andria Warmflash rosenbaum 
10/2/17 Fly Guy's Big Family Tedd Arnold 
10/2/17 Dino-Dancing Lisa Wheeler 
10/2/17 Pet Problem! David Lewman 
10/2/17 Love, Santa Martha Brockenbrough 
10/2/17 Happy Troll-O-Ween Mary Man-Kong 
10/2/17 Top Elf Caleb Huett 
10/2/17 There's Nothing to Do! Dev Petty 
10/2/17 Herbert's First Halloween Cynthia Rylant 
10/2/17 Quests for Glory Soman Chainani 
10/2/17 Graveyard Shakes Laura Terry 
10/2/17 Pick the Plot James Riley 
10/2/17 Lone Stars Mike Lupica 
10/2/17 Before It's too Late Sara Discoll 
10/2/17 Chasing Augustus Kimberly Newton Fusco 
10/2/17 The Last Kids on Earth Max Brallier 
10/2/17 The Littlest Train Chris Gall 
Showing 51 items