New Books Dolores County Children's/7th Street Elementary Library

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9/18/17 Going to the Sea Park Mercer Mayer 
9/18/17 The Adventure Begins Suzanne Selfors 
9/18/17 The Princess in Black Shannon Hale 
9/18/17 Brick Beasts Kevin Hall 
9/18/17 7 Ate 9 Tara Lazar 
9/18/17 Creepy Pair of Underwear Aaron Reynolds 
9/18/17 Princesses Wear Pants Savannah Guthrie 
9/18/17 Tigerheart's Shadow Erin Hunter 
9/18/17 Judy Moody, Tooth Fairy Megan McDonald 
9/18/17 Mary McScary R.L. Stine 
9/11/17 Night Sky Howard Schneider 
9/11/17 Don't Blink Tom Booth 
9/11/17 Daddies are Awesome Meredith Costain 
9/11/17 Chicken in School Adam Lehrhaupt 
9/11/17 Dig, dig, digging ABC Margaret Mayo 
9/11/17 The Mermaid Jan Brett 
9/11/17 Little Excavator Anna Dewdney 
9/11/17 I'm Smart! Kate McMullan 
9/11/17 Super Manny Stands Up! Kelly DiPucchio 
9/11/17 Peanut Butter & Aliens Joe McGee 
9/11/17 The Jelly Bean Tree Toni Yuly 
9/11/17 I Like the Farm Shelley Rotner 
9/11/17 Vroom, Vroom, Trucks! Karen Katz 
9/11/17 Look Outside! Ruth Musgrave 
9/11/17 Heads & Tails Carli Davidson 
9/11/17 The Whole Sky Heather Henson 
9/11/17 Laugh Out Loud James Patterson 
9/11/17 Honk! Quack! Boo! Tad Hills 
9/11/17 Don't Bug the Insects Benjamin Richmond 
8/28/17 Eye of the Dragon Billy Wrecks 
8/28/17 Everything that Glitters Rachel Chlebowski 
8/28/17 Awesome Lego Creations Sarah Dees 
8/28/17 Drop the Beat! David Lewman 
8/28/17 The Spooky Cabin  
8/28/17 Monsters Unleashed John Kloepfer 
8/28/17 Poppy and the Mane Man David Lewman 
8/28/17 Beyond the Doors David Neilson 
8/28/17 A Dog Like Daisy Kristin O'Donnell Tubb 
8/28/17 Bigfoot Erin Peabody 
8/28/17 Just Joking LOL! Rosie Gowsell Pattison 
8/28/17 Broken Pride Erin Hunter 
8/28/17 Boo who? Ben Clanton 
8/28/17 Rappy Goes to the Library Dan Gutman 
8/28/17 Stick Dog Craves Candy Tom Watson 
8/28/17 Third Grade Mermaid Peter Raymundo 
8/28/17 Mama Lion Wins the Race Jon J. Muth 
8/28/17 Fall is for School Robert Neubecker 
8/28/17 Time for Puppy School Jane O'Connor 
8/28/17 Dog on a Frog? Kes Gray 
8/28/17 Dogosaurus Rex Anna Staniszewski 
8/28/17 What Makes a Monster? Jess Keating 
8/28/17 The Too-Scary Story Bethanie Deeney Murguia 
8/28/17 Turtle Tug to the Rescue Michael H. Slack 
8/28/17 The Scariest Book Ever Bob Shea 
8/28/17 Truckeroo School David Kirk 
8/28/17 Slappy Birthday to You R.L. Stine 
8/28/17 Dragons Rule, Princess Drool Courtney Pippin-Mathur 
8/28/17 Monster's New Undies Samantha Berger 
8/28/17 Puppy, puppy, puppy Julie Sternberg 
Showing 60 items