New Books Dolores County Children's/7th Street Elementary Library

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2/12/18 City Mouse, Country Mouse Maggie Rudy 
2/12/18 Come Home Already! Jory John 
2/12/18 Accident! Andrea Tsurumi 
2/12/18 Brave Stacy McAnulty 
2/12/18 Invisible Lizard Kurt Cyrus 
2/12/18 Coco Glenn Dakin 
2/12/18 Penguins Love Colors Sarah Aspinall 
2/12/18 Trucks Galore Peter Stein 
2/12/18 I Love you, Baby! Claire Freedman 
2/12/18 Thelma the Unicorn Aaron Blabey 
2/12/18 Beauty and the Beak Deborah Lee Rose 
2/12/18 A Farm for Maisie John Churchman 
2/12/18 The Tiny Hero of Ferny Linda Bailey 
2/12/18 Space Boy and His Dog Dian Curtis Regan 
2/12/18 Wolfie Paints the Town Sabina Gibson 
2/12/18 Terrier Trouble Candice F. Ransom 
2/12/18 Better off Dead James Preller 
2/12/18 Dog Day Afterschool Tom Greenwald 
2/12/18 Imagine that! Judy Sierra 
2/12/18 Trucks to the Rescue! William Low 
2/12/18 Breathe Like a Bear Kira Willey 
2/12/18 Pumpkin Patch party Stephanie St. Pierre 
2/12/18 Phoebe and Her Unicorn Dana Simpson 
2/12/18 Space Boy and His Dog Dian Curtis Regan 
2/12/18 When a Wolf is Hungry Christine Naumann-Villemin 
2/12/18 The Great Puppy Invasion Alastair Heim 
2/12/18 Remarkable Robots Delphine Finnegan 
2/12/18 Monster School David Keane 
2/12/18 Rappy Goes to Mars Dan Gutman 
2/12/18 Bulldozer Dreams Sharon Chriscoe 
2/12/18 I Love you Like a Pig! Mac Barnett 
Showing 31 items