New Books Dolores County Children's/7th Street Elementary Library

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5/10/17 My Life As a Ninja Janet Tashjian 
5/10/17 Who Hatches the Egg? Tish Rabe 
5/10/17 One is Not a Pair Britta Teckentrup 
5/10/17 Cy Makes a Friend Ann Marie Stephens 
5/10/17 Plants Vs. Zombies Paul Tobin 
5/10/17 The Lincoln Project Dan Gutman 
5/10/17 Wishing Day Lauren Myracle 
5/10/17 The Screaming Statue Lauren Oliver 
5/10/17 Ice Boy David Ezra Stein 
5/10/17 Cats in the City Tom Watson 
5/10/17 If My Love Were A Fire Truck Luke Reynolds 
5/10/17 The Giant Jumperee Julia Donaldson 
5/10/17 The Cat Stole my Pants Stephan Pastis 
5/10/17 The Black Reckoning John Stephens 
5/10/17 Trolls Mary Man-Kong 
4/17/17 End Punctuation Kate Riggs 
4/17/17 Hyphens and Dashes Kate Riggs 
4/17/17 Colons and Semicolons Kate Riggs 
4/17/17 Dad and the Dinosaur Gennifer Choldenko 
4/17/17 How to Raise A Mom Jean Reagan 
4/17/17 Jojo and the Big Mess Jane O'Connor 
4/17/17 The Book of Knights Julia March 
Showing 22 items