New Books Dolores County Children's/7th Street Elementary Library

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4/9/18 Maisy Goes to a Wedding Lucy Cousins 
4/9/18 Little Yoga Rebecca Whitford  
4/9/18 The Wild Robot Escapes Peter Brown 
4/9/18 Hamlet and Cheese Megan McDonald 
4/9/18 The 78-Story Treehouse Andy Griffiths 
4/9/18 Thomas and the Beanstalk Christy Webster 
4/9/18 Ducks Away! Mem Fox 
4/9/18 How to Trap a Leprechan Sue Fliess 
4/9/18 The Serpent's Secret Sayantani Das Gupta 
4/9/18 Big Choo Stephen Shaskan 
4/9/18 Open Very Carefully Nick Bromlet 
4/9/18 Runaway Baby Brother Katy Hudson 
4/9/18 If You Were My Bunny Kate McMullan 
4/9/18 Mom Hugs Michael Joosten 
4/9/18 Puddle Hyewon Yum 
4/9/18 Teddy's Favorite Toy Christian Trimmer 
4/9/18 Thomas on the Moon  
4/9/18 Hedgehug Benn Sutton 
4/9/18 Good Night, Heroes Maggie Testa 
4/9/18 The Petes Go Marching James Dean 
4/9/18 Big Nate Silent but Deadly Lincoln Peirce 
4/9/18 I'm a Duck Eve Bunting 
4/9/18 Eva and the Lost Pony Rebecca Elliott 
4/9/18 Exoplanets Simon Seymour 
4/9/18 Ten Lucky Leprechauns Kathryn Heling 
4/9/18 Tiny the Easter Bunny Eric James 
4/9/18 The Brother Book Todd Parr 
4/9/18 The Sister Book Todd Parr 
4/9/18 Honey David Ezra Stein 
4/9/18 The Whispering Oak Katrina Charman 
Showing 30 items