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Kindle Fire Books
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8/26/13 Don't Say a Word B. Freethy 
8/26/13 Claim Me Jenner 
8/26/13 Release Me  Jenner 
8/26/13 Third Bullet S. Hunter 
8/26/13 Her Dying Breath Rita Herron 
8/26/13 Crazy Little Thing Tracy Brogan 
5/9/13 Mammoth Boy (K) Hart, John 
5/9/13 Rebellious Desire (K) Garwood, Julie 
5/9/13 Beneath Bone Lake Thompson 
5/9/13 Abducted (Kindle) Ragan, TR 
5/9/13 Swim (K) Weiner, Jennifer 
5/9//13 Arena Two (K) Rice, Morgan 
5/9/13 Curious George Visits the Zoo (K) Reyes, Margret 
5/9/13 Paying the Piper (K) Wood, Simon 
5/9/13 Don't Know Jack (K) Capri, Diane 
5/9/13 Love in a Nutshell (K) Evanovich, Janet 
5/9/13  A Perfect Stranger (K) Skye, Jaden 
5/9/13 Mammoth Boy John Hart 
5/9/13 The Ugly Duckling (K)  Andersen, Hans Christian 
5/9/13 Wife by Wednesday (K) Bybee, Katherine 
5/9/13 Caged (K) Natusch, Amber Lynn  
5/9/13 Reprisal (K) Nelson, Colin T. 
5/9/13 Keepsake (K) Stockenberg, Antoinette 
5/9/13 Wreckage Robotham 
5/9/13 Framed (K)  Natusch, Amber Lynn 
5/9/13 Silver Linings Playbook (K) by Mathew 
5/9/13 Bad Thoughts (K)  Zeltserman, Dave 
5/9/13 The Hunger Games (K) Collins, Suzanne 
5/9/13 Born for Love (K) Perry, Bruce and Szalavitz, Maia 
5/9/13 The Witches Daughter (K) Brackston, Paula 
5/9/13 Loose End's (K) Reid, Terri 
5/9/13 A Family Affair (K) Campisi, Mary 
5/9/13 Witch's Daughter Brackston 
5/9/13 Recover To Live (K) Lawford, Christopher Kennedy 
5/9/13 Final Appeal (K) Scottoline, Lisa 
5/9/13 Love Will Find a Way (K) Freethy, Barbara 
5/9/13 Secret Hollows (K) O'Reilly, Mary 
5/9/13 Black Horse  
5/9/13 Final Call (K) Reid, Terri 
5/9/13 Offer it Up (K) Hart, John 
5/9/13 Murder on the Mind (K) Bartlett, L.L. 
5/9/13 Match Made in Heaven (K) Mitchell, Bob 
5/9/13 Final Appeal Scott Oline 
5/9/13 Mocking Jay (K) Collins, Suzanne 
5/9/13 Bring On the Blessings (K) Jenkins, Beverly 
5/9/13 Deep Down, Jack Reacher (K) Child, Lee 
5/9/13 Scarred (K) Natusch, Amber Lynn 
5/9/13 Catching Fire (K) Collins, Suzanne 
5/9/13 Black Horse (K)  Blake, Veronica 
5/9/13 Natural Reaction (K) O'Reilly, Mary 
5/9/13 Terminated   
5/9/13 Soduka Works (Game)  
5/9/13 Pay the Piper  
5/9/13 Hangman (game)  
5/9/13 Ordinary World  
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